Rose Garden

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To be successful in growing roses in gardens, one needs to be aware of some basic considerations. Attention to plant selection, basic culture information, and information about potential disease and insect problems will go a long way in making roses an enjoyable addition to the garden.

Roses may be grown in any well-drained soil with optimum sunlight.
Most Rose varieties are grown by budding on an understock (lower portion of a plant) propagated from seeds or cuttings.
Order rose seeds online and let your garden be filled with the marvellous color and fragrance of roses.
Clay soils, warm temperatures are always preferred, and the rose plants grow best when not set among other plants.
Cow manure is the preferred fertilizer for Rose cultivation, but other organic fertilizers, especially composts, are also used.
Rose plants usually require severe pruning, which must be adapted to the intended use of the flowers.
Trim off all broken and bruised roots on the Rose plant, cut top growth back to 6 to 8 inches.
Dig planting holes at least 6 inches deeper to accommodate the roots of the Rose plant without crowding or bending.
Mix 1 tablespoonful of fertilizer with the soil placed over the drainage material.
Cover this mixture with plain soil, bringing the level to desired planting depth.
Make a mound in the center to receive the Rose plant.
Set Rose plant roots over this mound, spread the roots, and fill in with soil.
Firm the soil tightly 2 or 3 times while filling the hole.

Noisette Roses are the only Roses that originated in the United States of America. You can make new roses by crossing one rose variety with another. Here's how:

Designate a pollen parent and a seed parent.

Take pollen from the pollen parent and apply it to the stigmas of the female seed parent with a paintbrush.

It it takes, in about three months the rose hip swells and ripens.

Take the hip off, open it up, get the seeds out and plant them in little peat pots. Then you’ve got new baby roses. In about a year, you’ll get your first bloom.

The following video provides a few tips on how to care for your rose garden.