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Final Thoughts

From the origins of writing to the Gutenberg's invention of movable type, to the impact of industrial technology upon visual communication, there is so much to investigate in the field of Graphic Design.

The innovations in graphic design generated by the industrial revolution like new type designs, the invention of photography and chromolithography were one of my favorite readings. The image of a man standing having his boots polished is still in my mind, as it was consider the first people ever to be photographed.

I should always remember the name of Thomas Bewick, since he was the one that first started the application of photography in printing, as he found an effective way of using images in editorial and advertisements.

There were some other readings that captured my attention, I also enjoyed learning about the heritage of the many different movements. Art Nouveau produced really amazing posters, I particularly liked the work of Jules Cheret. That's why I created a post dedicated to his work in my blog titled The Father of the Belle Epoque Poster.

It was interesting to learn that the Swiss style was a major force in graphic design. It actually emerged in Russia, Germany and the Netherlands earlier in the 1920's. Many talented Swiss graphic designers have contributed to the Swiss style, which became an internationally style after the 50's and was produced by artists all over the world.

My only regret was not taking this course earlier, when I first started taking graphic design classes. I could have gone to a total different direction with many of my assignments, if I had an expanded awareness of the history behind graphic design. The Megg's book will be in a reachable place in my house for future references, since it is compiled source of graphic history. I have developed an interest in type development since I started this class and plan to work on acquiring more knowledge in the field of typography.

Cleia Muggler

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