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The Prologue

As I look at the cover of the Megg's History of Graphic Design book, I can't help myself but compare the contrast between the period each image chosen for the cover represents. The Cincinnati Industrial Exposition poster made in 1883 immediately captured my attention due to the different ethnicity of each woman presented in the drawing. I questioned myself on the meaning of this image.

Apparently, the main female figure seems to be judging the products presented by each state in the fair. Ohio is represented by the first female figure, followed by Georgia, Indiana and Kentucky. I'm quite surprised by the courage or even audacity of the designer to utilize ethnicity as a way to differentiate each state's population.

This is what design should be all about. The purpose of design should be to chalenge our society to reflect on subjects that some times are overlooked or even help us appreciate the diversity in our people.

The content of Megg's book are presented in a concise form. I like how it goes back in time explaining how people from thousands of years ago expressed their ideas and concepts with some sort of visual forms. I sense that we tend to take technology advancements in our society for granted. I'm sure many of us can't imagine making a business presentation without PowerPoint, or even sending a birthday card or a thank you note without an image or elaborated message. We need to have the right image and most importantly the right words to express our feelings.

I'm excited for the journey I'm starting now as I begin reading the first chapters of this book. I'm sure I'll have to sleep late on many nights, but I'll rewarded by the wonderful reading. I envision being grateful for allowing myself to go through this rewarding experience.

Cleia Muggler

California based graphic designer discovering new ways to balance functionality and aesthetics.

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