Artist Statement

A Silent Voice

Artist Statement

Two butterflies: One is extinct, one survives. Within its shell, the survivor holds the words and stories of the past which lead to the death of those around it. Newspaper articles are carefully folded to create the Monarch’s cocoon, each one giving a warning of extinction and survival. “Global warming is real!” the newspapers say, but they are only discarded by those who have the power to change our fate. The last chrysalis looks down upon its young, wondering if it truly is too late. “Then and now, humans continue to destroy what was given to them,” the Monarch thinks, “But everything does come around, so I will sit and wait.” And it waits. It waits surrounded by the death of its friends and the coming end of what was given but never returned. “Must it end this way?” the Monarch thinks, its wings are the only connection it has to the human population, for we see only what appeals to us.

A single caterpillar looks up from the last of its life-sustaining milkweed, curious to see which butterfly it could perhaps one day become, unbeknownst to what lies ahead.

This experimental artwork strives to capture the essence of nature and provide viewers with an experience that they can reflect upon. Although my background is in Digital Media, my love for nature has challenged my artistic abilities to create an artwork that mirrors an ongoing concern for environmental degradation which has caused multiples species to go extinct.

A Silent Voice is composed of three interconnected installations; each one representing a certain phase of the monarch’s life cycle. In the center, a small caterpillar sits in an interdependent biological system, as the monarch’s early stages and nature itself take center stage. To the far left, an origami fold, with stories about the demise of butterflies, forms a giant chrysalis; where the caterpillar begins its metamorphosis. Finally, at the very right, the extinct Urania Sloanus moth of the family Uraniidae of Jamaica flaps its wings once more, but only as a printed flag.

Conceptual works reminiscent of artists such as digital media artist Eduard Kac, modern ‘artivist’ Hans Haacke, and multi-disciplinary artist Mel Chin have been a constant inspiration.